1000 Mtr Range

151MHz Handheld Transmitters
WES15104T/H – 4 Button Remote
WES15108T/H – 8 Button Remote


  • Portable, handheld 151MHz transmitter, easy to carry.
  • Operates up to 1000 metres.
  • Uses standard 9-Volt battery.
  • Includes pre-tuned antenna.
  • Not affected by electrical interference, suitable for industrial applications where there is normally a high level of interference.
  • Simultaneous channel transmission is possible; i.e. more than one channel can be activated at the same time.


This hand-held transmitter is compatible with both the WES15101R and WES15101240R receivers.

The WES15104H and WES15108H are handheld transmitters that have an operating range of up to 800-1000 meters. With 100mw transmission power and only using 85mA during transmission makes it ideal for the standard 9-volt battery.

Each transmitter button is individually transmitted to the receiver making it possible to do simultaneous channel transmission. This means that up to 8 different functions can be done at the same time. Each button can operate any WES151… series receivers making it possible to transmit each button to different single channel receivers or to multi channel receivers.

The transmitter uses a frequency of 151MHz and a modulation type of Narrow Band Width FM which makes it suitable for industrial applications where you would have a high level of electrical interference. This transmitter is not affected by man made or electrical interference.

The transmitter uses a specially programmed micro-controller which ensures the highest reliability, low standby current consumption (10uA) and greater flexibility. The greater flexibility allows customers to contact Thompson Safety and request custom written software for special functions.


• Floating Pump Control • Conveyor Systems • Agricultural and industrial devices • Mining Equipment


There are 7 selectable frequencies available. The black 3-way dipswitch changes the frequency. If two separate systems are installed in the same location it is recommended to set each system to a different frequency. The default setting is 151.600 MHz (All 3 dipswitches “ON”). Following is a table with the Dipswitch settings and the corresponding frequencies.

Technical Data