Can the frequency be interfered with or interfere with other frequencies?
No – Stop It uses 433MHz which is a very safe and robust signal. It is not affected by any man made electrical noise nor will it have any conflict with other frequencies, this is the same frequency that is used to lock and unlock the family car. Most frequencies on a mine/construction sites are in the GigaHertz range ͞2.4-5.8 GHz͟. This frequency is so far apart from the Stop It frequency there is little possibility of interference between them.
Can the signal be jammed?
No – Stop It uses a five-signal transmitter and a five-signal receiver. The Stop It system also has frequency hopping capabilities; meaning the receiver can hop over frequencies it does not require and pick out only the frequencies it requires to operate. The Stop It system has over 17 billion encrypted codes to choose from. This means every time the transmitter button is pushed a different code gets registered and is never duplicated.
Will it shut down other equipment with in the activation radius?
Yes – other equipment within the shut down radius can be shut down only if all machines are paired to the one transmitter.

  • Site safety procedures should be reviewed and adapted when conducting risk assessments that includes the addition of the Wireless shut down device.
  • Operators of other equipment can be notified to move to a safe location and distance outside the activation zone in an emergency, so not to be affected when transmitter is activated.
  • Supervisors assigned a remote transmitter can instruct and ensure other equipment is a safe distance from the distressed equipment before shutting it down.
What is the maximum activation radius of the WES43301 system?
The Stop It was originally tested to a maximum distance of 150mtrs, however since getting the fire retardancy feature to the enclosure the activation radius has been reduced to 60 meters. Stop It is designed to operate outside the safety exclusion zone Recommended safe operating distance is 50-70mtrs
Is the Stop It Wireless E-Stop concept patented?
Yes – Patented in Australia and New Zealand for eight years to 2026 Patent No – 2017101602 Stop It has worldwide protection until December 2018, in which time the patent will be lodged.
Is there any extra wiring to be done when installing Stop It to equipment already equipped with Mechanical E-Stop?
If the equipment has mechanical E-Stops and has been previously wired as per ANS4024 standard the installer will have to supply an earth/Ground (Neg -) wire only for the receiver. If the equipment has no previous E-Stops installed the installer will have to locate the stop signal wires and supply a positive and negative wires.
What standards, approvals and accreditations does it have

  • CE/FCC Approved
  • ANS 4024 Compliant
  • SIL (Safety Integrity Level) Compliance – Rating 1 as per Machinery Safety Standard
  • UL Vertical Flame Test to V2 level Fire retardancy
Can the operator restart the machine when the Wireless E-Stop has been triggered?
No – the Wireless E-Stop receiver has a latching function as per the requirements of ANS4024, the latching mechanism will only be released if the transmitter is pressed again or the equipment is isolated and re-energised as is required under safe operating procedures.
How many transmitters can be paired to one receiver?
The number of transmitters to one receiver is unlimited. However, to many transmitters paired to one receiver could be a safety issue in some circumstances?
How many receivers can be paired to one transmitter?
The number of receivers to one transmitter is unlimited.
What is the IP rating WES43301 Stop It Emergency Stop enclosures?
The protection structure of the WES43301series meets the requirements of IP66.
Is the Stop It enclosure flame resistant?
Yes, the Stop It enclosure is manufactured with a special heat resistant material. UL Vertical Flame Test to V2 level
How long does the battery in the remote transmitter last?
The 3v lithium battery will last for 2 years under what is called normal operation which refers to use 4 times per day. It is recommended that under testing and maintenance procedures the battery gets changed every 6 months regardless if the remote has been activated or not.
What happens if the battery is flat when you try and use it or the remote does not work?
Under ANS 4024 standard the manual push button operation is not compromised by the wireless feature! The wireless function is purely a value added feature. You can always revert to current approach and attempt to activate the E-Stop manually should the wireless feature fail for any reason.
What happens if the remote gets taken out of range of the equipment, will everything shutdown?
NO – Other wireless systems use a hand-shake method where this will happen. Stop It remote transmitters will not affect equipment operation if taken off site or outside of activation radius.
When the stop it is isolated by remote, can it be reset manually?
Example – A crane company that wants to use them as security, so personnel cannot operate a crane unless they have a remote.

AnswerNO – If the system is wired up as a failsafe system in the Normally Open circuit “No One will be able to start the crane unless they have the remote” 

YES – If the equipment has been wired up using the Normally Closed circuit and been shut down by the remote transmitter, you cannot re-energise the equipment by resetting the manual red button.

The equipment needs to be isolated and re-energised for the E-Stop to be reset.